Thursday, July 14, 2011

You know what?!?


Crap!  As I read that, I'm thinking to myself "Lindsey, did you or did you not purchase a dark blue pair of jeggings during one spending spree at Nordstrom Rack not too terribly long ago?"  Well fine!  Yes, yes I did!  Crap crap crappity crap!  Can I defend myself here?  I mean just a teensy bit?  I guess I have to if I am going to launch into why JEGGINGS are NOT ok! was winter(ish) and I was wearing a lot of leggings and skinny jeans with boots because it was the smart thing to do.  Snow was up to my kneecaps and I wasn't about to get my faboo jeans all wet and dirty.  So anyway, I didn't think these particular jeggings looked that much different than my skinny jeans (and honestly, they really don't) so I bought them along with some really unattractive pajamas (sorry honey).  The reason I don't wear the jeggings outside of the house, however, is not because I think they're obviously jeggings but because they give me a chronic case of plumbers butt.  I am not talking just when I bend way the hell over to pick something off the ground or when I squat to put Cassie's collar on.  No no...this is pretty much a you-better-be-wearing-a-super-long-shirt-or-your-buttcrack-will-be-on-display-for-God-and-everyone kinda sitcheeashun (that's situation for all you yankees).   As such, my jeggings have never seen the light of day - hallelujah!

Anyway, that's my jeggings story and I'm sticking to it.  Perhaps I will get industrious and post a pic of the pair in question and you can judge for yourself how craptastic my taste was on that day at The Rack.

What was the effing point?!?  Oh!  I hate Jeggings!  I mean, lazy are we???  Just choose for goodness sake.  Jeans or leggings?  They're both comfortable so I don't see what the problem is.  Wait, strike that.  I DO see what the problem is.  The problem is that a lot of Jeggings look like this:

Theese are perhaps my least favorite: faded, acid-washed JEGGINGS! What a comedy of errors and really, WTF Whitney Port??

Do yourself a favor and check out this clip from Conan show where he dons the fantastic man jeggings pictured above. 

And just so you know, I'm not the only one who feels this way.  I googled "ugly jeggings" and this was the first thing that came up:  Lovelyish: The 7 Ugliest Jeggings I've Ever Seen.  It's worth a gander.  I especially like the ones with built in legwarmers.  Legit.


drollgirl said...

the 7 ugliest jeggings just made me yip out loud.

and i will save that conan video for later!

LindseyD said...

haha. sorry if it caused an awkward moment. good thing you're waiting to watch conan then b/c you'd yip and then some. btw, did you see how much some of those hideous things cost?!?! nutso!