Friday, July 15, 2011

"I've been looking so long at these pictures of you...

 ...that I almost believe that they're real." Ah yes, nothing like old school The Cure to start your Friday morning. 

I thought loving but dreary was the way to go considering what you're about to read.  Now, off you go....

 Yesterday afternoon, I came home to not one but TWO Rue La La packages on my front step!  Try to contain your excitement for me; I know it's difficult.  The first thing that crossed my mine was, "YAY!"  The second thing that crossed my mind was that perhaps I shop online a bit more frequently than I thought because I really had no idea what was in these boxes.

That's either a bad thing or it's like Christmas, you decide.  

So there they were, gleaming in the uncharacteristically cool afternoon:

Ok, so maybe by this point they were gleaming on my kitchen counter but that's beside the point

And the contents??? fun!  I totally forgot I ordered this lovely Michael Kors number.  What I really liked about the shipment was that the dress wasn't shrink wrapped in some crappy plastic.  It was hung neatly on a hanger and placed delicately in the box.  Not a wrinkle on the thing.  Ready to wear, as they say! :)

Michael Kors Safari Dress

Quality designers put thought and structure into the details.  I love that this belt was not flimsy and fit the dress (and me) perfectly!

Dark wash J Brand jeans
Guess I took this one in case you thought I was lying

 All in all, a pretty good score; especially when you consider how deep the discounts are on Rue La La.  By the way, if you haven't created an account from them, you really should.  It's a great site; very user friendly and I've bought everything from mixing bowls to running shoes to designer duds...most at a deep deep discount.

By now, you're probably wondering why any of this is "bitter" anything.  Well, so far, all was well and then I went to turn my camera on to look at the photos and this happened to my screen:
What the holy hell is that?!?!  A poltergeist camera, that's what!

And by "happened" I mean it really happened.  It wasn't as if I turned it on and the screen was immediately crap.  I actually watched the last photo disintegrate into crap slowly.  I tried everything I could think of.  Removing the SD card, removing the batteries, replacing the batteries, turning if off/on, plugging it into the computer, etc etc.  Nothing seemed to work.  I guess it just figures that I'd start a new hobby that pretty much required a camera and my camera would go kaput.  It's not like it's a huge deal.  It wasn't a terribly expensive camera and we've had it for a while but still...

So I'm taking suggestions if you have any for good blogging cameras...or good overall cameras.  It will need to be portable and sturdy because I am, in fact, portable and sturdy...but also clumsy and prone to losing things :)

Other than that wee little mishap, TGIF kiddies!


Sherry said...

darnit! the pic that I decided I wanted for my bedroom was GONE by time I got back from Mom's today. bummer...:( But they do have some very cool stuff.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh love unexpected packages (happens to me ALL the time when I go back to my parent's place and forgot about all the packages delivered there). The color of those J Brand jeans are pretty perfect.
Have a lovely weekend dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

LindseyD said...

@sherry (aka mom) -- Oh, that was a lovely print. You could probably find it somewhere else if you were really feelin' froggy.

@C'n C -- Unexpected packages would be even better if they were free! ;-) The jeans are a great color but I'll have to remember to pack a lint brush, they're fuzz attractors foh sho. Ciao for now!