Thursday, July 14, 2011

FIT TIP: Exercise TV - 10 Minute Workouts

"My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit."  ~Phyllis Diller

Hey friends!

Phyllis Diller - What a funny lady, eh?  But don't be fooled.  This is not a post to help you come up with excuses not to work out.  I just wanted to get your attention and I wanted to share a quick exercise idea with ya.  Back in November/December 2010, hubs and I were stuck in a hotel that had only a crappy treadmill and an elliptical.  At the time, we didn't have one of those universal gym memberships so I was forced to use the hotel "workout facilities".  I quickly tired of my Pilates mat and exercise bands...not to mention the dreadmill but I trudged through.  That is, I trudged through until one blustery, snowy day I was surfing the hotel's 10 channels and noticed they had a subscription to OnDemand. 

I watched one horrible movie before I remembered something from when I lived in Charlotte--Exercise TV can usually be found in OnDemand!  I scrolled the options and sure enough, there it was!!  I was immediately relieved because I knew that this would change up the rut I had been forced into.  See, I go through about quarterly slumps and during one particular slump while we lived in Charlotte I decided to stop going to the gym and do all my workouts at home or at the apartment gym.  It was then that I first ran across these fabulous 10 minute workouts. 

Now, 10 minutes is not nearly enough to get a comprehensive workout so don't go thinking that's all of the time you'll need to devote to exercise per day.  Exercise TV has lots of options that are longer.  You can do those OR you can combine a few of the 10 minute workouts like I do but either way, you should really get your butt to the gym a few times a week as well.  You gotsta get that heart rate up homies!!

Enough with the preaching...

My very favorite ones are the 10 Minute Buns and Thighs and the 10 Minute Back and Abs Summer is a great time to focus on your tookus and abs, isn't it?! 

I like to do these either before/after a run or before/after I go to the gym.  I have done the Back/Abs one so many times now that I remember it and can actually do it AT the gym (just ask hubs...I made him do the routine with me the other day but...shhhh...I shortened it for him).  I think the reason these are so effective (and trust me, they are) is because you don't stop moving the entire 10 minutes.   Neither of the workouts above require any equipment.  You just need a yoga mat and you could even skip the yoga mat if you have soft enough carpet.  

If you're not sure if you have OnDemand, take a look at this link You'll also see that they have a schedule of programs available but the two I mentioned above have been around since I lived in Charlotte.  I don't think they're going anywhere.  That said, they do add new programs so you can change things up from time to time. 

 So now you have no excuse...none...nada...zippy.  And, btw, neither do I.  Damn.

 "A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time - pills or stairs." ~Joan Welsh

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