Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Use your Noodle!

Oh my but I love this site!  I love it even more because my big, strong, tough-guy husband is the one that found it (and ordered from it!!).

--Perhaps now is a good time to put a disclaimer out there.  I have a wiener.  A wiener dog that is.  And I love her more than should be allowed.  Her name is Cassie and I'm sure you will no doubt see MANY references to her throughout this blog.--

Now that we have that obsession out of the way, let's move on to the obsession in question.  Noodle and Friends!   This site has absolutely every adorable thing you could ever want for your dachshund.  It may sound a little crazy that there are whole websites devoted to outfitting wiener dogs but I'll have you know, they are not easy creatures to dress!  They are long and barrely with that weird chest jut that makes darn near every collar and coat you'd buy at the pet stores unreasonable. 

We found it when we were having a hard time keeping our little girl warm in the winter.  We had moved from Charlotte to Northern Virginia in the middle of winter and she was NOT happy...even when making yellow snow.  So, we bought this little number....

Please ignore Cassie's evil eye.  It's my poor photo editing skills, not her.

How cute is that?!?  AND...AND...wait for it...wait for's reversible!  It's red on the other side!  Oh for pete's sake, how can you stand it?!?!  

So, check out their website and get your dachshund a little stylish something...or get your friend's dachshund something.  Failing all that, buy a dang collar.   They'll fit any old pup!

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