Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Can't nobody hold me down!  It didn't even take me a full 24 hours to pick up a new camera but before you go thinking I went and acted impulsively, please know that I DID do quite a bit of research and I deliberated for at least 30 minutes at the Best Buy before finally deciding on the Sony Cyber Shot.  WOOT WOOT!

I love this camera.  Digital online-viewed photos don't do it justice but this is a great camera with some fun features and to top it all off, it takes some really quality photos.  I especially love the "pet" and "gourmet"  scene functions.  It also has anti-blink and burst gadgets.  There's lots more to love but for now, I'll let a few of the first pics speak for themselves.  Of course, poor Cassie was forced to bear the brunt of my novice photo taking skills as there's not much else in Northern Virginia to point/click that's of any real interest.

What are you dooooing?

Nevermind, I tire of you

Baaaalllllllll!  Mom!  I've got the ball!

See, I really have it

No, look closer, see!  It's in my mouf!

Ok, fine, I bring to you

Hmmm...maybe you don't care for the ball as well as I do

Maybe I should just hold on to it for a few
Ok, fine....

Here....   (you really suck at taking these pictures can't even get your toes OR the wrist strap out of the frame...nice going!)

I feel sorry for you.  Just take the damn thing

Seriously??  This is supposed to be ME time.  ( could at least take the time to crop if you're going to put this on the blog.  You are truly lame...or lazy...or both)

All dressed up and no one to hump.


Tricia said...

These are some really cute pictures of Cassie! Awh I wish I could have her while your gone??? I'd have 3 wieners then!! LOL! I mean 4 oh just kidding! Bahahahaha!

Sherry (Mom) said...

what a little cutey!! and are you havin fun or not!!?? Glad you got a new great camera. Kristal found mine, so I don't have to do that now!! P.S. Why don't you add music to your blog?

LindseyD said...

I am definitely having fun! Glad you found your camera.

P.S. One thing at a time! This is a lot of work! :)