Thursday, July 14, 2011

Indulgence of the day!

For just $45.00 dollars, you too can own .32 ounces of La Mer lip balm.
Before you think you're reading that wrong, that's POINT THREE TWO ounces...NOT, repeat NOT 32 ounces.  Who are you kidding if you think you'd get 32 ounces of anything made by La Mer for $45.00 dollars.  Hell, if I were following their business model, I would charge you for even thinking about buying a La Mer product. 

Now that I'm done ranting I will admit that I want this.  I am not sure if I want it because it's decadent or because it's the only La Mer product under $50.00.  Either way, I suspect I won't be running to a Saks any time soon to pick some up. But who's to say you can't "want" something right?!?!?

On the flip side, I will TOTALLY be picking up (or ordering) Victoria's Secret's  Pro Smooth Lip FX scrub and balm.  It's a third of the price and it comes in this cute little tower.  What more could you ask for??  I've read some reviews that said the scrub actually tastes like sugar!  Where do I sign?? 
Dedicating this post to my bestie in support of her addiction to all things lip balm.  Hmmm...on second thought, it's a dual dedication to bestie and sis in law.  Both are chapstick addicts.  Enjoy ladies!


Callander Stuart said...

We are La Mer fans....Andrew hoards his face lotion..yes, you read that RIGHT, Andrew has La Mer face lotion...and I get the extra goodies from my moma, when they indulge. Of course, you must try the body balm...that's right the body balm that costs "omg, how much did you say that was?." How did I get that? My moma of course - yep, that's right. Make a little request to the hubby for a special won't be sorry. If you're lucky, next time you're over, I might let you try a little on your "paws" :-) Andrew doesn't even get that luxury, so you consider yourself ;-)

The Jacobs Family said...

Who is your bestie? Just curious! Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

The wonder of La Mer isn't simply it's lip balm, although when used daily it will help maintain the smooth full lips you had way back in your twenties. The true wonder of La Mer is found in it's ability to perpetuate the youthful softness and elasticity of your face and body, well into your twilight years.
When you properly bio-ferment La Mer's rare sea kelp with scientifically chosen vitamins and minerals, for 3-4 months, and then combine the product with their "Deconstructed Water", the result is a mixture that can be used in unique creams, lotions, tonics, serums, and yes lip balms, that....when used daily....will rejuvenate and maintain skin in the truly youthful manner, desired by people of all ages and all walks of life.
It probably wouldn't cost more than $400-$500/day to use all their products and personally......I think you're worth it.
Just sayin .......

LindseyD said...

Oh Callie....I don't know where to begin. There is just SO much to go on there. First of all, kudos to you for scoring a dude with such good taste. It's when we fall in love all over again isn't it? Zach knows the names of all the best shoes; Andrew...well...he has super fancy face cream. I love it! One of the articles I read about the lip balm was that the dudes were known to steal it out from under their wives and girlfriends. Stinkers!

Anonymous: Who said my twenties were WAY back?!?! LOL I can't tell if you're yanking my chain or if you are a sales rep but that was some advertisement. I will definitely be indulging at some point in the very near future, don't you worry. That said, I can't imagine ever spending $400/day to lather up. Even if Javier Bardem came free with purchase, I wouldn't spend that much on miracles creams a day! That's indulgence on a level outside even my occasionally less-than-thrifty shopping style. Am I worth it though? Damn right! Thanks for stopping by!