Saturday, July 16, 2011

Around the House in 80 Clicks

Cuckoo Clock from Germany
Just a few shots of some worldly trinkets collected by hubs over the years.  Yes this IS how I spent my Friday night.  So what!  Stop judging. Sheesh!

I can't remember exactly where everything came from and when but a while back I did make hubs do something so we could look back at our keepsakes over the years and know exactly where it came from.  Guess what he did???  That's right, he made a spreadsheet.  Bless his everlovin' heart!!

I'll have to check the spreadsheet against my random guessing when he gets back in town.  Until then, enjoy a trip around our house in 80 clicks :)  (Ok ok... so it's not 80 photos but I clicked AT LEAST 80 times to get them so that ought to count for something!)

Tea Set from Russia

Plate detail

Stem of a Hookah -- I *think* it was from Turkey

Wooden mask from Singapore

Camel from India -- maybe??

Carved wooden owl from India.  If you look really close, you'll see there's another owl carved inside.  Crazy detail!  Must have taken forever.
Painting of a bullfighter, from Spain

Painting of Ganesh, from India

Egyptian scroll painting--Gift from friend, location ???

Ganesh sculpture - his little ear got chipped so I blurred it.  Poor dear.  --From India

Figurines from Malta

Ganesh guessed it, from India

Clogs from the Netherlands.  SO cute.  I used to keep all of the spare change he brought back from different places in there but I had to move it all to a jar.  Someday I'll make a piece of art just out of the money he's brought back

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