Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where does the time go??

At one time or another, I was in deep deep deep love with each and every one of these gentlemen.  Thank goodness it was unrequited because, as it turns out, I just might have been disappointed.  Oh well.  I feel like indulging in a little celebrity gossip this Tuesday night so here you go.   That's right folks it's 'What the hell happened Tuesday'!!
(I acknowledge the formatting of this post is all jacked up but I'm tired and I'd rather just publish this mofo and have it be WTH happened Tuesday than to postpone it until Wednesday.  It looks like Vince is where it all got jacked up so blame him!)

John Travolta
Hot urban cowboy
urban something or other

Val Kilmer

Brendan Fraser

Mel Gibson


Post crazies

Mickey Rourke so so not
so so so hot

Vince Vaughn
Nom nom nom!

Too much nom nom nom--still cute in a teddy bear sorta way.

And the 'way-to-maintain-that-shiznit' awards go to.....

Brad Pitt
Honey, you can hold my hair dryer anytime!

Angelina has made him crazy but he's still adorable

George Clooney
...and yes

Robert Downey Jr.

Bonus 'WTF, I had no idea!'....
Ryan Seacrest

I know there have to be a million of these pics out there but honest engine, I really didn't know he was a wee tubster in his youth!

Super Bonus...because I can: 

My favorite and my hall pass... (thanks for understanding honey!)

Javier Bardem
ugh...seriously....what a beautiful man!

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