About This Blog

Welcome to Simple Pleasures in a Complex World, previously known as Simple Pleasures - Everything but the Kitchen Sink in case anyone pays attention to details like URLs and wonders where the "EBKS" came from.

I renamed the blog for a number of reasons but mostly because it was just too long.  I still intend to include "everything but the kitchen sink" but I no longer feel it's necessary to put that in the title --- like I'm asking permission.

I guess I also renamed my little domain because I've had time to think about why I started it in the first place.  My life is complicated, sometimes intensely so.  Though we don't have kids, it still feels like our schedule is not our own -- dictated by this life we've chosen for ourselves.  Sometimes, it can be hard to focus on the little things but I try and this blog keeps me motivated to that end.  When I can make a funny moment out of stupid drivers because I know it would make a great blog post - well, that's a good day!  So thank you for taking the time to indulge my whims and fancies - it gives me the opportunity, on a regular basis, to feel like a kid again.   Not that I find THAT particular activity all that challenging....