Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tysons Corner with Kendall --DANGER DANGER DANGER!!

 A day of shopping with Miss Kendall started off at Nordstrom.  They were having a fall shoe preview but we decided that fall was way way way away in Texas and that although these little fringy numbers were cute, she wouldn't get to wear them for a long time.
 So we got these!  Which are totally appropriate for a 14 year old!
 See!  I'm sure these will be fine for Spanish class!
 This is where the DANGER DANGER DANGER comes from.  Kris and John are definitely in trouble with this one!

BUT...before my sister kills me, these are NOT the shoes we ended up buying.  Unfortunately, Kendall is the only one with a pic of those so you'll just have to wait to see what her final decision was.
 Both of us decided we need one of these hanging racks in our rooms/closets.  How super convenient for outfit planning!!!  
 This was a winner of a shirt...especially with her little blue tank top underneath.  Brought through some blue that wasn't in the shirt so it looked super cute with the jean shorts.
 Ah yes.  It figures the only picture of me is the one where I'm digging out my wallet.  Perfect!
Testing out some of her boyfriend's perfume I got something for myself too

Don't we make good mannequins?  Ok, one of us does...I unfortunately was looking the wrong direction.


Sherry said...

whew! you two are scary!!! So ummm...who else is taking pictures? the mannequins?

LindseyD said...

hahaha. i know this will be hard for you to understand but some cameras have a timer function! out of this world, no? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay....scared me a little on the heels there!! LOL! Love the tank....cute! Not sure who's more trouble with the shopping bug?!?!?!

Rod said...

John, are you there???? John, John, are you seeing this?????? Do something quick John, it may already be too late.....

LindseyD said...

she's safe guys and gals..i promise.