Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Indulgence of the day - Ferragamo style

I'm feeling all growed up today and peep toes are my very favorite type of heel.  They're flattering and you can wear them in just about any season.  These little cuties BELONG on my tootsies, don't you think?  Well, even if you don't have to appreciate their simplicity.  I love Ferragamo shoes.  Elegant but still somehow sexy.  I don't actually own I can't speak to their comfort but I'd be willing to bet they're not too shabby in that department either.   These little peep toes are made of goatskin and are part of the spring/summer 2011 platform shoe collection.  Not sure how they consider these platform shoes but I'm certainly glad they're NOT...otherwise, I wouldn't even dream of putting them on my feet! 

And how fun are these!?!?   Leather so soft, I could lick it. 

If you're feeling flush, buy the dang things (Ferragamo Women's Shoes) just please, please, please don't tell me about it.  Ok, do tell me!  I can take a little bitter sweet as long as there are great shoes involved.

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