Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friends Kabob

Her first souvenir from NoVa.  They gave us one of their cool pens!
 My niece rolled into town yesterday so I'm sure the them of many upcoming posts will include our adventures.   To kick things off (both in the blogosphere and to mark her arrival), we started with Friends Kabob in Tyson's Corner.  I wanted to expose Kendall to some food that was outside of her Texas norm and the easiest place to start with folks who haven't had much in the way of ethnic food is your standard Kabob house.   Since we were going shopping over in Tyson's, I picked Friends Kabob -- an old fave of hubs and I.

The food was great, as usual.  Kendall especially liked the Basmati rice.  Unfortunately, the service was extremely slow (I forgot this place was better for calling ahead) and it was hot as crap in there!! 
One of many "smile shots".  My camera has a function where it automatically takes a picture when it catches people smiling so she kept trying to get people to smile...only to sabotage the whole process by giggling.

She'll kill me for putting this on here but I thought it was pretty funny.  I think she was enjoying herself.

Perfectly cooked and delicious as always.


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