Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Screw the 80s, I can wear my side braid any time!

Lookah here!! You can't TELL (snap, snap, snap) me what to do and I don't care if this hairstyle brings back memories of scrunchies and fingerless gloves,  I'm working it this summer!  It's good for long hair on hot days.  I get so tired of the same old ponytail and really, I don't think a ponytail is very flattering on me anyway.  I wear braids a lot, mostly on days I'm riding the motorcycle but sometimes, shudder, I even rock the pigtail braids and a hat.  I'm officially in the 30 to 35 range these days and I'm very aware this hairstyle would be on the page right before my age group in the "dress and act your age" portions of any given magazine but I don't care. 

Just a quick note, if you're planning on wearing this braid, be brave and leave it messy.  The one time this goes wrong is when it's too 'put together'.  It should be loose and flowy.  Go know you wanna....

I must really love you people if I'd post a pic where my forehead was this shiny!
Hey look, it's my doppleganger (kidding)! But her hair does look fabulous, no?

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