Monday, July 11, 2011

So there I was, 'downsizing' my pile of magazines again....

...when it struck me that perhaps someone out there in the big blue Internet yonder might also find some of my dog-eared pages interesting.  I have a habit of over organizing you might say and this carries over into aspects of my life that I love: shopping, reading, cooking, exercising....etc etc.  A few years ago, I started keeping a spreadsheet list, if you will (and in fact, you must since you're reading this).  There are tabs and columns and rows for just about everything you could think of.  There are columns for shoes, beauty, books, jewelry, clothes, office supplies, movies, music,  and accessories (and yes, in case you're wondering jewelry IS different than accessories).  There are whole separate tabs for outfit ideas and gifts for family/friends.  Mostly, the contents of my cherished spreadsheet include descriptions of items I have come across in magazines but in some cases (especially in the outfit ideas section), there are hyperlinks and URLs and all kinds of fancy doodaddery that any excel professor ought to be proud of.  

So, what was my point again?  OH!  whee...look a chicken!  (That's for you mom and Donna) The point and the whole reason I have started this blogging adventure is because every few months, I go through my piles of dog-earred magazines and update my spreadsheet.  It is indeed one of the highlights of my life as a super organizer.  Please do not doesn't look good on you.

Now, not to boast but I think there are things that I am interested in that you might be interested in too.  Were my interests so shallow that they only revolved around shoes and eyeliner, I probably wouldn't go to the trouble but I love all sorts of things and what I love even more is sharing a good find with friends and family.

I don't have a grand plan here or some whacked out blogging super business model so please don't expect a lot out of me.  What I am thinking is that I will share some of the things that I think are especially cool and where I've actually had the fortune of buying said thing, perhaps I will provide a review of sorts.  Hmmmm...reading back over that makes me realize how very vain blogging is.  As if anyone gives a hooey what I like.  Nevertheless, here I go...fearlessly sharing my very most favoritest things!!  Enjoy and please please please feel free to share your own stuffisms!!!  Simple pleasures are, after all, what it's all about.  Mucho love-oh, Lindsey


Callander Stuart said... you have inspired me AGAIN to get rid of my file folder of "things to check out" (yes, I tear pages out of magazines/catalogs and put them in a folder) and create an excel spreadsheet! Let's just hope that spreadsheet gets backed up and NEVER gets lost! LOVE IT!

lindseyd said...

I put mine in a folder too! That's where they sit until I find the time to waste even more time on things like this here blog!

Oooooh! Don't scare me like that! I just sent myself a copy of the spreadsheet in an email. I can't imagine losing that thing! No one would ever get a gift again!

Sherry said...

Hey Linz! send me a copy of the spreadsheet so I can see what you are talking about, ok? Sounds like a good idea, but you know me...I gots to see it! lol

Sherry said...

I love your site so much, I think I "followed" it twice! you can scrub one if you like!