Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Supah Dupah SHINE!

I LOVE this stuff but it truly meets the "a little dab 'il do ya" criteria.  I use this typically when I wear my hair stick straight.  A couple of sprays gives it a beautiful shine, smells great, and minimizes the dried out look after straightening my hair.  Make sure and put some distance between your noggin' and the nozzle...at least 6 to 8 inches and truly 2-3 sprays will get you through. 

It smells terrific just like I have come to expect from Oscar Blandi products.  It's that sweet smell of Jasmine that is neither too perfumey or too producty (And yes, mom, those ARE words!  It's my blog dagummit.  If I need to make up words to get my point across, it's my prerogative!)
My hair is as shiny as my shirt....in a good way!
Nevermind my weird expression or the fact that I'm (once again) humiliating my dog...look how soft and shiny my hair is!

This was after a couple of hours of dancing and my hair was all shine and no frizz!  LOVE this product!

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