Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stupid pride and grocery bags!

I am SO disappointed in myself right now!  On the way home from the gym today, there was the most fabulous picture taking opportunity and I failed!  I have no excuse really.  I was carrying one (not terribly heavy) grocery bag and was in a (not really at all) hurry to let Cassie out.

I actually thought to myself, "Don't worry about it Lindsey.  If you don't take a picture, SURELY you'll be able to find something on line that helps people understand."  Seriously, that's how lazy I've become?  It's not even laziness - it's pride.  Every good blogger or photographer (not that I'm claiming to be either) knows that you MUST have your camera at the ready at all times because you never know when that perfect moment will appear.  And I did! I did have my effing camera and I could have easily stopped. But I always have a twinge of guilt when taking photos that I think are fascinating but that are just status quo for the subject.  It's as if I fear they think I'm mocking them which isn't the case at's just fascinating.  Asians don't have this problem and hell, I've had about 5 people ask to take a picture of Cassie and I don't flinch so I really SHOULD know better.  But I suck...nuff said.

Point is, no one would have cared!  And if I'd just taken the picture,  I'd be able to share with you the most genius contraption I've seen in the recent (and maybe even distant) past.

There were several work trucks parked alongside the hotel next door to us and some workers were milling about on the sidewalk.  Sitting or leaning or smoking - whatever...blah blah blah.  The day had just taken a turn for the oppressive.  Earlier it had been dry and relatively cool with a breeze but the afternoon showers were making their way in and so was the moisture -- making for a pretty uncomfortable time to take a break on the sidewalk.

So, I was walking by them all, smiling, attempting to be respectful and sympathetic but so so so glad that my cool hotel room was just yards away.  And then I saw it, someone had found the perfect way to beat the afternoon heat - or at least catch a comfortable siesta.  This guy had rigged a full size hammock INSIDE the cabin of one of the work trucks that was parked in the shade.  And he was zonked.

It was perfect but words will never do it justice.  Perhaps a diagram??



argh, I can't even make a good diagram!  Anyway, you get the idea.  Thing on the left plus thing on the right=awesome. 

And I missed it all....
Mission not accomplished.