Saturday, June 29, 2013

Makati Shangri La(AHHHHHH)

The Shangri La in Makati is a 5 Star luxury hotel in the heart of Makati (Manila's financial district).  It is also where we have a health club membership.  If we're feeling fed up with the traffic and need a release?  We go to the Shang.  Exhausted and could use some down time?  Da Shang.  Internet connection letting us down at our own hotel??  Shang to the rescue!  I don't think, after walking in the first time, I could have ever opted for an alternative.  It even smells lovely.  

It has everything you'd expect of a hotel of its caliber.  Beautiful pool, elegant high tea, and two of the best restaurants in town.  I love going there on the weekends and spending an entire morning/early afternoon.  Start in the gym, work hard, spend some time in the steam room (equipped with hot/cold whirlpools and wet/dry saunas), change into the swimsuit and relax by the pool with a beer and some good food. Tough life. 

I haven't tried them yet but Z swears the trainers are the best stretchy outers ever.  Apparently they'll bend you right to the point where you can't take it anymore and leave ya feeling like gumby.  

Anyway, here are some recent highlights of time spent at the Shangri La:
Coolest part about tea at the Shang?  There's an hourglass to time how long to let your tea steep.  When the sand runs out, time to enjoy.  Classy shit right?  I totally fit in.

No high tea would be complete without a string (and flute) band in lovely dresses...

....who kept playing on their way to break.
Some of the best poolside food I've ever had was served at the Shang.  That's a chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread (with a San Mig light in a glass of course).

This day did not suck.