Thursday, June 27, 2013

Makati - Seen Around Town

Just another day in the life of a Texas transplant and her country boy.  We could also call this post, "crap we're not used to seein' and can't stop starin' at".
  • Keeping an eye on street vendor wares has become a bit of an obsession for me, I'll admit.  What's even more interesting?  The crap people are buying!  For instance, who is the bigger fish in the following pond?  The guy on the left who spends all day walking in traffic selling flags and cigarettes or the guy on the right who has no reason to be in the middle of the street, is leaning on a running bus, and just bought ONE cigarette from the vendor?  Seems like the cards are stacked in favor of the guy selling feather dusters and ciggies, no?

  • Traffic here also remains a source of great humor and fascination.  It seems, no matter how bumper to bumper the cars are, someone ALWAYS thinks they can fit through....sideways.

  • They meant well I'm sure and, as always, their English is far better than my Tagalog but I couldn't help but picture a sweaty pig with lipstick and a frowny face when I saw this on the menu.  Then again, maybe I'm just reliving the Parada ng Lechon festivities.

  •  YES!!!!  Dad would be over the moon excited about this development!  Found this little gem at a legit Starbucks in one of the nicest parts of town.  I'm sure it will come up again and again but these folks are CUHRAZY about their canned uber processed meat products. 

  • Nothing says high class like rooms that are available by the hour. 
  •  A bit of an oxymoron if you ask me.  Also, is it just me or does this "gaming cafe" look like no fun at all?  It's a far cry from skee ball and Ms. PacMan but who am I to judge?

  • Perhaps a "you had to be there moment" but this was GRIDLOCK traffic and the guy was toolin' around barefoot.  Amazing. 

  • Hey...whatever works.  It might not be Tom Cruise with his shirt off in Top Gun but they're having fun on a Sunday afternoon so I'm not judging.

  • Um, yeah, that's an animal foot in a can at the S&R (the Philippines answer to CostCo).  To their credit, S&R had MANY MANY things we were ecstatic about.  Great snack selection, wine, beer, cereal, etc.  Even though it might be a tad off-putting for those of us not used to seeing it, I'm kinda glad they stay loyal to their traditional food preferences.  It'd be no fun at all if every place was just America repackaged. Don't get me wrong, I will NEVER eat some of this stuff but that doesn't mean I can't respect their filling the shelves with products they love.

  • And I'll leave you with this.  In a country where almost no one owns a coat, there are people selling...wait for it......wait for it....coat racks.