Monday, June 17, 2013

A day in the life of my google search box... case "they" are watching.

Given the recent deluge of news on wire tapping, cyber spying and general whining about privacy violations, I thought it might be interesting (to no one but me probably) to see just what my google search and general interwebs browsing behavior reveals about my personal habits. 

So, here's my morning so far...with explanations, where available:

  • Blogger: Simple Pleasures in a Complex World - edit post (probably some lame misspelling that I desperately hope no one noticed before)
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • Blogger
  • Google log in
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • Blogger: Moments of Lucidity (commenting on Donna's post about a man getting beat up by a toddler) Check it out: Moments of Lucidity
  • Blogger: Simple Pleasures (yep - still no one has commented or probably even read my last post)
  • Facebook stalking times a million
  • Blogger: Hollywood: Where HOT Comes to Die (I have no shame.  She's hilarious. Don't believe me?  See for yourself -- Hollywood: Where HOT comes to die)
  • Blogger stalking times 12 (I think I just went down the list of blog links on Hollywood's site to see if there were any I could steal.  I can't even be bothered to search for cool blogs on my own...)
  • Blogger: Simple Pleasures (Layout and Template edits - because maybe if I put this widget before that widget, someone will visit me!?!?!)
  • Minutes of Mayhem: Things they've learned by spying on you (dammit!  now you all know where I stole the idea for this post from.  Not to mention, I found this website by trolling Hollywood's Blog links.  My creativity points for the day have plummeted.)
  • Minutes of Mayhem: Justin Bieber's Penis (Um....I have no excuse.  It was just there....and I am forever scarred.  What has been seen cannot be unseen.)
  • Facebook times 6 (all daddy well wishing stuff.  Let's not even try and figure out how this came right after the Beeb's penis.  I already think I am going to need counseling after this sharefest.)
  • Amazon - The shopping cart that will never die.  I have been working on this order for two weeks.  Will I ever see my Kashi Go Lean and heather gray leggings??? Probably not.
  • Google Search : Interview questions for household help (don't judge me...everyone in the Phils hires help) This is also where I went away from the wide world of interwebs and was productive for probably a record 45 min stretch. should be impressed.
  • Google News - wha?!?!?  How'd this get here???
  • Treat tote bag review- another hold up on the Amazon order because apparently I HAVE to have the perfect training treat bag and cannot waste $5 on something sub par so down the rabbit hole of reviews I went.
  • Facebook - cute pic of a dog on a
  • Google News
  • Google Search - Wuthering Heights (only because the horrible 2011 movie version was on tv)
  • Minutes of Mayhem:  yeah...back to the Beeb's penis.  I don't know why.  Can I claim the tab was still open???
  • Star Movies - to confirm that Piranha 3DD is, in fact, on in an hour (IT IS!)
  • Simple Pleasures - edit post (this one!)
  • Google news - but only to find an article about cyber spying so I can grab another word for....cyber spying.
  • Minutes of Mayhem: Things they've learned by spying on you.  Ok Ok, here it is:  Things they've learned by spying on you  If you'll please please please click that link, you'll start to understand my Bieber...problem.  It wasn't my fault!   It was just there!

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