Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuscarora Mill AKA "Tuskies"

"Good friends, good food, and lots and lots of good wine..." That's how Zach described our night and I couldn't have said it better myself.  Ok ok, maybe I added that last part about the "lots and lots" of wine but it's my blog...I'll do what I want!!
Turns out there are lots of reasons to be thankful for missing a flight.  One of them happens to be friends who free up their calendars and come up with great ideas like dinner at the Tuscarora Mill AKA 'Tuskies' in Leesburg, VA. 

I missed the first opportunity to say farewell to our friends Andrew and Callie so I was more than a little excited that we had the chance to get together one last time.  Hubs and I had never heard of the restaurant but we've been fed by A&C enough times to know they would NEVER steer us wrong. 
Really great ambience.  It was nice but not fancy smancy.

Any restaurant that has a nickname is alright by me

Zach, Callie and Andrew with their pre-wine beverages

Twas a Dark and Stormy night..ok, not really but that's what my drink was called and it was yummy!

I had the "Local Local Local" appetizer (yes, that's really what it was called).  Fried green tomatoes, regular tomatoes, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and er...crap, I think that was a fried pepper of some sort.  All drizzled in some, you guessed it tomato-y sauce.  It was lovely.

Callie had the Ahi Tuna...really nice presentation, no? 
Andrew had the Creme Brulee for desert

And I had this spectacular coconut ice cream with strawberries and hot rum drizzled on top.  Really??? Yes...really.  The rum made me feel like I was licking the ocean in St. Thomas with every bite.

I think Zach's desert looked the best....Butterscotch Bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream.  It was RETARDED good!

And there we all are.  I think this must have been BEFORE we ate because clearly, I still fit in my pants here.  ;-)

MANY MANY MANY thanks to A&C for a lovely evening!  We owe you big time and will be sure to get you back on our next trip home!  Love you guys!


LindseyD said...

BTW, as usual, I forgot to take a picture of the main courses. Z and Andrew had the "Game Plate"; Callie had Shrimp and Grits and I had the Salmon...they were all delish!

Callander Stuart said...

Great posting :-) aww...can't wait to see you again!!! What a great night that was!! Did you take the picture of the barn that night? You must have gone back?

LindseyD said...

I may have cheated and found a couple of pics (including the creme brulee and the picture of the outside) on the Internet. You do what you have to do :)

Callander Stuart said...

Impressive :-)