Saturday, August 20, 2011

You are so are really loved....fuh real!

I'm quite sure NONE of you are as lucky as I am to have a freakin' hilarious brother in law.  I have pretty much adored John Land since my sister introduced me to him and we became horrible horror movie watching buddies when I was 12.  Just about everything he does is worthy of a three stooges highlight reel.  From mailing fake poo to falling through a roof to his hatred of pigs and his reaction to almost being killed by a "handpainted" piggy coffee mug one Christmas.  We share laughs and exchange pranks and although my father might disagree (tee hee), we are lucky that he joined this family.  Well, folks, he's struck again and let's just say his humor has only ripened with age....and it is really really really ripe.

Nothing much else to do except introduce you to Lindsey's 33rd birthday, brought to you by John Land:
If I'd only known how true this was....

ack! Pop up singing-butterfly-zombie Dodson.  I'm not sure what's scarier...that, or the face I'm making.

Reliving Halloween....all he needs is a wig and a wife beater




Cute polka dot paper...maybe this was one of the other Land family presents??

Hmmm....starting to suspect something.  Unless Kris wants me to control my cholesterol...

Don't be jealous, I have my very own Antoine T-shirt..."They raping everyone in here..."

Zach is clearly thrilled with the new addition to our t-shirt family.

I love my present....for real!

And just in case any of you have been living in a cave for the last couple of years or would like a reminder of how ridiculous Antoine truly was/is, here's a throwback...

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