Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shameless Wiener Plug

IMG_0388  Since I won't have my pup for this coming year and we sent her off on an extended vacation with the in-laws just yesterday, I feel justified in doing an entire post about my little wiener dog, Cassie. 
I love this dog.  I mean I love this dog in a really kind of obsessive ridiculous way and I always have.  I call her my Starbucks puppy because that's where I came across the family trying to sell her and her little brother.  Since then, that puppy breath, those floppy ears, and her sad little eyes have had a strangle hold on my helpless heart.  
And incidentally, her "daddy" adores her too!  How could he not?!?  She fetched tiny tennis balls at 8 weeks and was honestly the cutest freakin' thing on the planet.  We had to stop taking her out in crowds because it would take us hours to get home.  
Anyhow, here are a few of my favorite pics over the last 2 years.  I will miss her LOTS this year but I know she's in good hands and will be having fun playing with all her cousins!
Truly a vicious animal!
Have you no shame?!?!
Hey...whatever works.
This was just a couple of weeks ago.  She was hiding in a pile of towels while I was packing boxes around her.  I'm pretty sure this look says it all, "Please don't leave..."
Then again, maybe she was just pissed because I wouldn't turn the flash off. 

 (Sorry for the picture quality on some of these.  I was getting the pinwheel of death using iPhoto so I ended up just drag/dropping from Flikr.) 


Sherry said...

awwww...she is truly adorable and in my last short visit, she wrapped her cute little paws around my heart too! How could anyone resist her?

LindseyD said...

Thanks moms! Glad you gals got to hang out a little during your trip :)

She's purty sweet, that's for sure.