Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Inn at Riverbend

I am a little grumpy today so I thought I'd finally post the blog about the Inn we stayed at on our 4th Anniversary in July.  Nothing to help ease the pain of a cancelled flight like good memories...

We took a motorcycle trip from Northern Virginia to the southernmost part of West Virginia.  It was a beautiful trip and we had a great time fishing and relaxing and just generally getting to enjoy the countryside together.  On the last day, we decided to stay someplace a little nicer than the roadside hotels we'd been popping in and out of so I arranged an evening at the Inn at Riverbend in Pearisburg, VA

Jimm and Janet Burton were phenomenal hosts and really did make us feel at home.  While we were out playing a rousing game of Jenga, they snuck in and left a little bottle of champagne and a nice card to help us celebrate our anniversary.  They even had an impromptu BBQ to celebrate the 4th of July when originally they had opted to not do their typical Monday night dinner because of the holiday.  The food was terrific (both dinner AND breakfast) and the view was absolutely to die for. 

My very favorite part though?  After the fireworks faded and the sun had long ago set, the fog rolled in and the trains had to put on their headlamps.  There couldn't be a creepier (yet romantic) sound (and sight) than a train coming around the bend through the fog blowing it's whistle.  It was truly like something out of Something Wicked this Way Comes...very very cool and better than any firework!

There are a lot of wonderful things I could say about this place but someone has beaten me to it.  Saw this review in a recent Washington Post.  It pretty much captures anything I could have left out.  If you're ever in the area...or even if you aren't, you should definitely check it out.

There's that fog.  Now picture it at 9 pm....very spooky.

Storm rolling in (sorry about the railing)

It's a great pic but I wish I could have captured the sound. The thunder was amazing.

Valley in the morning.

I love the way the sky is split nearly in half by the clouds.  Beautiful.

Couldn't have asked for a more comfortable room. It was modern and clean...not your typical B&B flowery hoo hah.

View from our room, "Cascade Falls"

Beautiful view of the New River Valley

A little down time before dinner.  I won...shhhhh

A nice little Anniversary card from the proprietors.  Obviously the strawberries and champagne were nice too!

Getting a little hazy as the storm was moving in.
View from the deck.  It was a split level deck (one covered, one uncovered) and we had them all to ourselves!
Wine and Cheese basket
The sound of the train coming around the bend was pretty neat. 
That was our host, Jimm, lighting a sparkler.  He wasn't brave enough to light all of them at the table. I suppose he was nervous about his investment (i.e. the whole B&B) going up in flames.
Independence day dessert


Sherry said...

That looks like a perfect anniversary!! I know how you love your storms!!

Callander Stuart said...

Perfect!! I just read that same review and wondered if/when Andrew I would stay there.....my grandmother lives in Pearisburg, so I think she might be a little upset if we didn't stay with her if we came into town :-) Looks just lovely!!

Tricia said...

Yes very nice!!! Glad yall had a lovely anniversary!! HEHE!

JimmBurton said...

Thanks Lindsay - we enjoyed having you guys here and it was a marvelous way to spend the 4th of July, 2011.