Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Indulgence of the Day


This is totally without justification but.....me want!!  Ok ok, I realize this might not qualify for EVERYONE's indulgence of the day list but it certainly does mine and occasionally this little blog is all about yours truly and I really love this little necklace.  

However, I think this little necklace is adorable and would look lovely on just about anyone's neck.  Of course, I think I'd have to have the gold one to match my Michael Kors watch. :)  Unfortunately, or fortunately if you're feeling flush, this little "puppy" will cost ya $105 in silver and $115 in gold.  eek.  Not to worry though, I KNOW you're worth it!!

In an effort to make peace with all non-dachshund owners, check out the designers look book.  All designs are from Brooklyn design house Odette New York and I think you'll approve.


drollgirl said...

pretty pretty cute!

although i think i'd rather have a kitty swinging from my neck. or maybe both!

MusicisSoulChild said...

I have to get this necklace....