Saturday, August 6, 2011

Salon Effects by Sally Hansen

 These are SO SO fun!  I have used Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail stickers a couple of times and I really like the product.  It took me a couple of practice runs to get the hang of it but once you come up with a system, these really are pretty easy to put on.  It takes a little longer than just painting your nails but if you count drying time for wet paint, it's about the same or a little faster.
After a day or two, I usually go back and put a layer of top coat on the nails so they'll last extra long.  It's right what they say, they pretty much last 10 days. 

The sparkly ones I wore on our motorcycle trip (pictured above) would have lasted a month I think if I hadn't taken them off.  Some of the colors (solids) are easier to get off than patterns.  The glitter took FOREVER to remove so keep that in mind.  If you're hoping to do any quick changes with their patterned products, think again. 

You should also note that, in addition to the funky patterns, most of their colors so far are SUPER BRIGHT.  Even their 'red' was a little fluorescent.  In short, these aren't terribly work appropriate if you work in a professional "buttoned up" environment.  You could probably get away with some of these shades in the summer but I hope they expand the colors soon.  If you don't work in an office, though...have a blast with these!  They're a lot of fun!

There are step by step instructions in the package but here's a couple of tips I picked up while applying:
  • Plan the best fit before you remove the stickers.  i.e. figure out which end of the sticker matches up with your cuticle line. 
  • Make sure and remove both the white bottom layer and the clear top layer before cutting the strip to fit your nail. 
  • If your nails are super short, use a small pair of scissors to cut down excess before you file down the sticker.  
  • Use the file they provide when filing down the sticker.  It's softer than a regular nail file and you will not tear the sticker as easily.

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Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Thanks for the review! I've wanted to try these for a while and love all the patterns (will remember that they are. Bit bright though so would be hard to wear to work!)

Chic 'n Cheap Living