Saturday, August 20, 2011

Indulgence of the day....IS MINE!!!!!

Zach was very proud of his wrapping job.  Note the curly ribbons...
Woot woot!  Look at those pretty blue boxes!  In my opinion, it's a better shade of blue than Tiffanys.  It's La Mer beeotches!
Look at that, I am flushed and dewy with joy! LOL  And Zach is wondering why he spent so much money on soap suds and lip balm.  BUT WE LOOOOOVE HIM FOR IT!!!!
That's a $5 kiss right there. Zach says there must be unicorn horn dust in there for it to be so expensive.  At first I was upset at the thought of ground up Unicorn horn on my lips...then he told me not to worry, that their horns grow back.  You know, like a lizard.  ;-)
Bwah ahahaha
Super bwah ahahaha.  Mine mine mine!!!  I have clearly crossed the border into crazy town but that's ok, I would take up residence in looneyville for this kind of indulgence anytime.

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drollgirl said...

you look EXTREMELY happy in these photos. and that is fab! :)