Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunday crappy Sunday!!!! (Part one) AKA We're moving overseas for a year...oh we're not!

Starting the day off right with a bottle of champagne that we've had since we got married.

 The Richmond DeBords drove down and met us for lunch at Eggspectation.  We ran some errands and just generally had a nice day.  We were a little afraid our looming overseas relocation would paint the day with a shade of blue but it was really quite nice to spend the time with everyone.
Zach's mom and sister made us this wonderful collage.  Cassie figured prominently but pretty much everyone in the family was represented.  A very thoughtful gift that is traveling in my suitcase for sure!

I'm tellin' ya...she was on to us.  Look at those eyes.

My little girl and me...a few hours before our company arrived (to steal her!) ;-)

Ok ok...perhaps she isn't quite as smart as I think.  Clearly there are boxes packed and mom and dad are leaving me...but what the hell, there's this cool toy and dammit, I'm playin'!

Aren't we a cute family?!?!  This was about 4 minutes before the waterworks started.

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