Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ford's Fish Shack

 Yes, that's right...yet another restaurant we ate at while in limbo.  I swear we've eaten out more in this "transition phase" then we did over an entire year.  It seems like it would be great but honestly, I miss cooking and I miss not stuffing myself silly.  Having said that, I really enjoyed this meal at Ford's Fish Shack in Ashburn, VA.  Clearly the location is nothing remarkable.  Like a lot of things in Northern Virginia, it's located smack dab in the middle of a strip mall.  Right next to a nail salon, a chinese restaurant, get the idea.  But don't let the facade fool ya...good food can be had inside and it's worth at least one trip.

We've been to Ford's before but this time was better.  I think it was because this time we were just going for a quick bite...perhaps my expectations weren't as high?  We arrived at 6:55 pm which gave us about 5 minutes to order from their happy hour menu.   They have some pretty good deals for happy hour.  Dollar shrimpies, dollar oysters (I think they were a dollar), 3 dollar drafts and 3 dollar wells.  We ordered a couple of beers and 10 jumbo shrimp.  And let me tell you, even though I forgot to take a picture, these shrimp were monsters and well worth a $1/each.

We both opted for the fish tacos (mahi mahi).  Zach had them the last time and said they were great and sure enough...they were.  I got the sauce on the side so I could at least control something but the fish was seasoned perfectly and the tortillas were perfectly cooked...warm and crispy but not falling apart.

It was a Wednesday night but they were still on a wait...I think they pretty much always are.  We ponied up to the bar right away though and were in and out in less than 40 minutes.  The service was friendly and the prices (probably in part because of the happy hour) were absolutely reasonably.

I wouldn't go to this place every week but it's a nice change of pace from our typical kabob/burrito/kabob/burrito rut. 

Neither of us had this but I am including someone else's picture because I coveted the corn.  If we ever make it back there, I am definitely ordering the corn on the cob...even if it doesn't come with my meal.  mmmmm.....
By the way, the waitress only charged us for 6 shrimp. Niiiiice :)

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drollgirl said...

i love fish tacos! especially when it is crispy and delicious FRIED fish! nom nom! i could go for some RIGHT NOW!