Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bad to the bone!

This WILL be my dog one day!  Cassie loooooves the motorcycles and ever since I saw a teeny chihuahua snuggled in her "travel crate" on the back of some woman's Harley, I have wanted to try this with my little dachshund!! Clearly I'm not the first one to have this notion, you know, from a safety perspective.  There are all sorts of ear/eye/head protection options for motorcycle-man's best friend. 

I think she would love it and I would certainly enjoy having her with us on our road trips.  We'd start small, obviously.   A couple of trips to the grocery store or the dog parks but honestly, I think she'd go wild for it!  Heck, every time she hears a Harley, she gets all excited and thinks it's daddy or mommy.  If we could make a contraption that would keep her comfy and safe back there, it'd be AWESOME!!

Cassie could make friends with this bitch and they could start a little club!
Motorcycles and dogs
This isn't what I'd consider the safest option in terms of mounting and I'd prefer the pup have eye and noggin' protection but the bag is pretty cool. 

Even when she was a puppy, she wanted to be on the bikes

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