Thursday, September 5, 2013

Need a break from news about Syria?

Why not do a bit of time traveling with me? 

I have been on a bit of an artsy fartsy kick lately which obviously means I am still jobless.  But that, my friends is not the point.  The point is, in my search for the perfect images to satisfy my little collage heart, I finally found a used bookstore in our neighborhood.  The selection is far from vast but I did manage to find a few gems including a 1973 National Geographic.  Not only did this NatGeo provide me with some good clippings,  it also led me on a bit of a stroll down memory lane.  Though 1973 is a few years before my time, I still feel like these pictures are a part of my past.  That, and some of them made me laugh hysterically so I thought I'd share.  My how far we've come.... 

Look at that beast! I sometimes wonder how these cars were ever able to turn even the simplest of corners.  The turn radius on these caddies must have been horrific.  Still, nothin like driving your hearse to the yacht club. What do you think that guy is thinking?  "Look at my streamlined new ride!  If I look the other way, I might be able to see all the way to the front grill.  Why...this Cadillac is practically a compact car!" - No?  You don't think that's what he is contemplating?

Not just Chromocolor but SUPER Chromacolor.  WTF is chromacolor?!?! Hey, but how could you ever turn down a TV that came with its own white plastic stand and a faux wood finish?

Tee hee.  Think this pretty much speaks for itself.  Yep - that's right....there's a projector involved.

Ah - the good ol' flying "W"

The "Accutron" - bringing technology....and awkward design elements to a wrist near you.

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