Friday, September 27, 2013

Murder, Mayhem and Creepy Dolls with a Bonus Rant on WHY GOOGLE CHROME SUCKS!

I think I'll start with the rant since it will explain why I am unable to use Picasa Web Albums OR Google Chrome to edit my photos the way I would like.  Actually, I'm so fed up with trying to get the systems to work, I don't even want to get too far in the weeds.  Suffice it to say, Picasa works only to view my photos now (unless you count "enhancing" as an advanced photo editing tool and I definitely do not). When I tried to edit the photos I wanted to publish on this post, it said that I needed to download Google Chrome (argh).  I say argh but I did it...and dice.  Shortly after, I read a MILLION complaints about how the whole Google Chrome "thing" destroyed a lot of people's ability to edit their photos.  Needless to say, there are a whole bunch of people out there who use Picasa and Google+ far more than I ever did who are PISSED.  All I wanted was validation that I wasn't crazy ... that the shit just did not work anymore.  And it doesn't.  If you know of anyone who knows differently, please do tell.  If you are a Google Plus or Chrome Rep, first poo poo on you.  Second, if you can fix this, I take it all back...just please, for the love of all things photo edit, help us!  

On to what will most likely be a disappointing post.....

So, I am knee deep in Halloween Party prep and I really think our decorations would make even Rob Zombie proud!
See how this photo is super cool?  That's because 1.  it's not mine and 2. Google Chrome/Picasa were NOT used to edit said picture. 

I fully intend to do some tutorials on how to make some of this stuff because (and I don't mean to brag) some of it turned out AWESOME!  But, right now, I just don't have any time at all.  I can't even really figure out how I'm gonna pull this off at the moment....but I will....I will.  

One thing that sucks about being in Manila during my FAVORITE time of year is the town's (and probably country's) total lack of Halloween gear.  There are a few things at the local department store, mind you, but there is no Spirit Halloween or Party City equivalent and that totally sucks!  (I am gonna need a pass to use the word "sucks" as many times as I want during this post, k?)

Point is, even though I shipped a lot of the Halloween decorations we had, I didn't ship everything and even if I's just never enough.  (Having said that, NO IDEA how the giant furry spider and two headed zombie baby didn't make the cut.  WTF Lindsey?!?!)  So, I have taken to "makin' stuff" - as Grandma Squidbilly might say. No suitable trophies for best costumes?  I got this!  No tombstones?  No problem!  No invitations?  Hallmark ain't got nothin' on me!  If it sounds like I'm being too boastful well, suck it!  I'm exhausted!  I have been breathing spray paint and various types of glue products for 2 weeks and it's not even October yet.  I think I'm allowed a little gloating. 

I was thinking, in addition to my house looking like a bodyfarm, they might send out the men in white coats if they were to look at my browsing history.  [That is my way of admitting that I am not this creative all by my lonesome.  There are LOADS of people who are as demented as I am and it has been a blast reading/watching all of their how-tos.]  But who has time to worry about mental health professionals at a time like this?  

Anyhoo - here's a sneak peak at some of the stuff I've been working on.  I don't guess there will be any spoilers unless, that is, you plan on flying 18 hours to attend this soiree.  In which case, book that flight and we'll make you up a 

I'd show you the inside of the invite but, well, you're probably not invited....and I don't need a bunch of blog stalkers showing up at our front door.  Skelly on the right is a copy of the original drawing I did, left is the actual invitation and the envelope is just a simple manila envelope that I added a little creepy stencil to.  The theme is a Halloween/Dia de los muertos combo costume party - thus the sugar skull. :)

The beginnings of a fruit loop/raisin bran coffin/trophy

outside of best couple trophy - haven't added the final layer of "aging" or shellac but you get the idea

And the inside.  (Damn you Picasa and Chrome....damn you!!)  

What's in the box??!?!  Doll babies....that have no idea what they're in for. 

This is only the first step in making a creepy doll.  LOTS more to go but the damn spray paint is taking FOREVER to dry.  More to come...

I decided to buy and paint some masks both for decoration and so we'd have some extra costumes for anyone that dares to show up costume-less.  This is the bare mask.  Still a little creepy no? 

I found some guy's website that showed how to make a version of this mask.  He called him "skin face" but I think "vein face" is more appropriate.  Anyway, I think he needs more gore and some darker paint, don't you? 

I really like this sugar skull.  Simple to make but I think they're so striking.   I have made a few other little trinkets to go on a dia de los muertos altar - hopefully it will all turnout!

And this?  Well...I think you'll just have to wait. 

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