Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dr. Payne, John Doe, and an Evil Wiener

Greetings from crazy town!!  I am still ass deep in Halloween decorating.  I don't know what it is about this month but it always seems to be obnoxiously busy.  Don't people know that I have a party to plan and can't be bothered with trivial things like work, working out, walking the dog or....eating.  Pissssh!  In the interest of full disclosure, I have had some time this weekend to get a few things done but all of that was stymied last night after I put my Halloween contacts in EEEEYOW!!!  

Needless to say, they look AWESOME but I am completely inept at putting them in so it took me about an hour to get both eyes in.  Apparently, corneas don't take too kindly to being fussed with for that long.  Long story short, I was useless last night after I took them out so I didn't get anything else done. 
See - wicked awesome right??!?!
I woke up with some nasty eye goobers this morning (TMI??) and my left eye still looks like I held my own with Cheech and Chong so I doubt I will be spending much time outside or in public today.  The upside of that is that I'll hopefully be able to spatter significantly more blood around the house today.  But before I do that, here are some of the works in progress with perhaps an appearance or two by Cassie the Frankenwiener!  

That's our little Frankenwiener ... making friends with the cornerstone of our Halloween decorations this year, an animated John Doe rising corpse. 
Admittedly, I am a rookie at all of this Halloween prop building stuff but if you read my last post, you know that this year has called for some more creative decorating (not all of our decorations made it here and Manila is woefully understocked in the Halloween department).  So I have made quite a few things from scratch this time around (John Doe is NOT one of them although I do think he needs a bit more blood, don't you???).   One of the things I am most proud of is Doctor Payne (a quarter for anyone who comes up with a better name...I can't really think of one).  I ordered a couple Styrofoam mannequin heads off Amazon cause ya never really know when you might need a mannequin head right? Right.  I decided that doing a little paper mache-type cover on them would probably be a good idea since, if you've ever worked with Styrofoam (hello!! gravestones!) you know that it doesn't hold paint well at all.  So, I took some tissue paper and went to town.  Here's the before: 

There he all his naked glory.
Several sheets of tissue paper, some mod podge, and a little acrylic paint later, he looked like this:
I realize I'm not Picasso so stop judging me.  It doesn't have to be perfect when you're gonna cover it with doctor's masks and theater blood, ok?

I think the Surgery/Morgue room will be legitimately scary or as close as I'm gonna ever get to having a haunted house.  Strike that.  I get the feeling someday I might actually have a real haunted house.  I'll be the creepy ol' lady in small town USA who loves Halloween more than Christmas and loves to scare the little kiddies.  But anyway, when this room is done, I think it will (at minimum) give people the heebs and make them think twice about using the restroom again.  (I'm forcing people to go through the room to use the potty.  It's either that, or they visit Mike Meyers in the master bedroom.  What to do ... what to do....)  OMG - TANGENT.  Sorry sorry!!  Back to it...

Here's the door: 

And I'd like you to meet my dear friend Dr. Payne:

I know it's a shite picture and something is lost on the whole scene because you can see the books buuuuut, like I said, work in progress so stop bitching!  Picture this with a slab in front of him and John Doe, lying in a bloody heap.  Funny thing is, even without all of that other stuff, this Doctor freaked my shit out several times last night.  My little heart went pitter patter (and not in a good way) every time I passed the room.  I think it's the way he's just sitting there, normal.  Even though I put him there and stuffed him with newspaper myself, it's very offputting to see a grown man just sitting quietly in the corner of your office....with a knife and a creepy glare.  Cassie didn't really take to him like she did John Doe.  Even after we both sat next to him so I could show her he wasn't real, she was shaking like a ..well...scared puppy.  And I gotta be honest, I'm pretty sure I closed the door to the bedroom for more than just my little dogs peace of mind..... 

And what does all of that mean?  THAT ROOM IS GONNA BE SCARY AS SHIT!!!  WOOT!

I had more I wanted to share with you but as usual, I've gone way over what is an acceptable blog word limit (in my mind anyway) so I will save some for later.  Happpppppy OCTOBER EVERYONE!!!

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