Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Care package!


So excited we got a bunch of Amurrrica goodies from Z's mom.  We've already demolished almost an entire 56 ounce bag of Kirkland's fruit and nut mix.  Thank goodness I had ordered one online and I think we bought one to put in our UAB too so hopefully we won't go through too much withdrawal when this one runs out.  But my favorite thing about the contents might have been the meds.  Normal drugs (Nyquil PM, Tylenol PM, Excedrin, etc) are hard to find here in the Philippines and some aren't sold at all.  There are pharmacies on practically every street corner but they just don't sell what we're used to buying over the counter at the grocery store.  If they do sell what you're looking for, you can only purchase the item in certain amounts.  There are no bottles of ibuprofen to be found (not unless you want the children's version) of anything.  If you want 24 tabs of cold medicine, you buy 6 tin foil sheets of 4.  It's maddening.  Point is, the med-type goodies (and everything else) were much appreciated!  Thanks Shirley!

P.S. We are FINALLY getting to move into our permanent housing here in Manila but internet connectivity is TBD.  Fingers crossed I'll be back soon!

Peace and crackers for now!!