Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So what if I'm biased!

I'm still allowed to brag!

My mom is a published author...several times over.  Although, unless you were into historical romances in the 80s, you probably wouldn't have read her books.  I have no doubt that she would have continued in her success as a writer if life...and us kiddos hadn't interfered.  Now, finally, after some fierce prodding and miraculously getting her to retire, she's back at it and I couldn't be happier....or more proud.  

Before you harumph at the historical romances, let me tell YOU something.  First of all, she has so much more depth than steamy sex scenes.  Second, who needs depth when you have the 50 Shades chart toppers. Third of all (in my head, that reads perfectly), she's not really writing historical romances anymore.   She has dabbled in different genres and I think she's always wanted to write a mystery or thriller because really, that's what she likes to read most.  

Long story short, she has been sending me snippits of one of her older novels that she's sorta re-writing and I'm just blown away at how beautiful the imagery and descriptions are.  So much so that I felt like I should share just a couple.  

[Caveat: But first, you should know that just because what you're about to read will knock your socks off, does not mean you should go stealing it and using it in your own amateur writing endeavors.  This shit was born in the noggin' of my creative and intelligent mama and will belong in HER novel once published.  Any thievery is verboten!  I will not hesitate to send my vicious wiener dog after you.  Your ankles will never be the same. This may all sound silly but it's been done can never be too careful.  Well, maybe the wiener dog part hasn't happened before but there's a first time for everything!]

Gasp and/or sigh as appropriate: 

"The rustling cadence of the breeze through the tops of the tall trees had stilled, as had the near-constant noises of birds and small animals in the forest around her. It was utterly still and completely quiet. The total lack of sound was unnatural."  

"This odd assortment of primitive structures kept its secrets well, he thought."  - in reference to Mayan ruins.

 "It was an unease without a definable source, the leading edge of nervousness, of panic."    

I think that last one is my favorite.  "...the leading edge of nervousness..." Wha??!  I mean...I know exactly what she's talking about but I never would have come up with such a beautiful way to describe it.  You'd buy that on amazon or at Barnes and Noble in a heartbeat, right?  Right! me too :) 


Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

test - yes, that's right...changed the damn comment system i'm using....again.

Sherry DeBorde said...

I wrote the most eloquent comment and then it disappeared! oh well...let me see if I can say what is on my heart once again. This is the most welcome and beautiful response to my writing. It makes my heart sing and makes me want to keep on writing and writing! I have my own editor here and couldn't be happier. Her comments have been right on and so insightful that they are really a help and that's what I'm looking for. I really appreciate it, my daughter the writer (and editor)! I'm waiting for you to do your own book!!

Sherry DeBorde said...

ha! I actually jumped through a few hoops and got my comment to post! yayay!!

Sherry DeBorde said...

Here's my take on post a comment you must have a google account. And this is a whole new world to some of us! oldie but may comment and then sign up for google and then your comment/s should appear!

Lindsey said...

well wahooooo!!! welcome to the world wide interblogs :) google never hurt anyone...last i checked. thanks for making the extra effort though. you know i'm happy to read your stuff...i can say "i knew her when". and thank YOU for the compliments. blush blush

Sherry DeBorde said...

my friend Katherine said that she read and posted a comment but I don't see it?

Lindsey said...

Didn't go through I guess :( I get emails alerting me when a comment is posted and all I've gotten are yours.

Anonymous said...

Suuuper like and agree Lindsey! Can't wait to read her next masterpiece!