Monday, July 29, 2013

Lost in Translation Part Deux

My walls are still white.  

I'm feeling like this guy....
After this exchange I guess I shouldn't be surprised but you know what I am allowed to feel?  Annoyed.  And boy am I.  

On Friday, the painters came. I thought they were coming with colors to pick from and would offer a quote.  I was partially right.  Apparently, they were just coming to introduce themselves, give us a quote, and tell us what to pick up from the hardware store.  I guess that's why the labor is so cheap - it does NOT come with its own supplies.  After reciting the list of items we'd need to pick up from the store, we CONFIRMED (please read that again....CONFIRMED) the painters would arrive ready to work Monday morning after 0900.  I told the main guy (*we'll call him Pablo the Painter) that if we were for some reason unable to acquire the materials before Monday, I would send him a text and let him know.  (On a side note, you should be aware that Pablo the Painter is only the "main guy" because his English is the best of the group.  He is not really a painter at all.  He's someone's driver. His brother is the painter by trade.  But anyway...I digress.)

It seemed all was right with the world.  We were a little aggravated to have to go get the paint and supplies ourselves but for getting two whole rooms painted for about $27, we couldn't really complain. 

So anyway, here's what went down (and remember, this is all via text message because that's how EVERYONE here communicates): 

455p (Sunday), Pablo the Painter:  Good afternoon mam are the painters ready for tomorrow to come mam?  

601p (Sunday) Me: We have the stuff so yes.  Not before 9am please. 

1030a (Monday) Me: Do you know what time they will arrive? 

crickets....crickets.....crickets..chirpy chirp chirrrrrrp

1054a Me: Do you know what time they will arrive? 

crickets again .... frustration rising....visions of what I COULD have gotten accomplished this morning floating through my head. 

1119a  Me:  I have some things to do this afternoon.  Will they be here soon? 

1120a Pablo the Painter:  Yes mam

yay!!  it's still technically morning so my anger fades and I start thinking about where I'm going to hang things when they're done. 

1129a Pablo the Painter:  Maybe tomorrow mam they will come. they are waiting order to come today i text you last night mam. 

W.T.F?!?!?!?! Anger returns, amplified....I am at DefCon 5 - full scale bitch alert. 

1131a  Me:  And I replied last night that we were ready.  Why are you just now telling me they can't come today? 

1133a Pablo the Painter: I did not recieve your text mam just their names only mam.  (he's referencing a text I sent confirming their names for the front desk if you care; which I'm certain you don't)

1134a Me:  9 am tomorrow or we will just find someone else ok? 

1136a Pablo the Painter: Okay i'm sorry i will them mam.

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