Saturday, July 13, 2013

Foxie Doxie loves her snuggie....and Mr. Snake

These photos were taken at least a week apart.  Can you say creature of habit?  That's the purple homemade snuggie (that's right HOMEMADE! Jealous much???) that she's laying on and of course that's not sufficient so she also gets a blanket that is nicer than the one her humans currently have to sleep under.   Many thanks to my sister in law Cameron for making the snuggie which turned Cassie into the the laziest wiener on the planet.  Totally wasn't the case beforehand - nope, no way.  

Update:  Mr. Snake has been replaced by an empty bottle of Gatorade now.   Fickle.

I like that you can actually see her wrinkly little chicken neck in this one.  Z likes to play with it and say "gobble, gobble" - she probably has developed a complex.

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