Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"You Oughta Know" where my "Broken Road" leads..."There You Go"

Confused yet? 

A while back, I wrote a post about TV Pick Me Ups.  "Friends" was the one show that could make me laugh when I felt like my little teenage world was turning inside out and upside down.  In that same vein, we all have certain songs (don't lie...you know you do) that hold memories for us (good and bad)...some that got us through hard times and some that just make us snot-swipin' sad.  

I feel like sharing these things is like giving you guys and gals a peek into the junk drawer of my life and you know how I like to over-share so here's my song list of days gone by.  Please share your faves if you have some or, even better, those songs that you love to hate....and don't forget the "why"....that's the best part!!!

As always, judge away....you can't hurt me ;-).  

Forever and Ever Amen - Randy Travis, 1987: Summer at Granny's house on a porch swing with my tape deck. 

You Oughta Know - Alanis don't-piss-me-off-or-I'll-chop-off-your-wee-wee Morisette, 1995: A girl, a boy, another girl - 'nuff said.

Tie: I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl/Do What You Gotta Do - Nina Simone, original recordings vary but in this case, the year in question is circa 1998: Sophomore year in college on a grassy green knoll in Denton, Texas with a certain red headed older boy who fancied himself,well....a bit of an artsy drunk.  There was flavored beer and sunshine - classes were skipped, time was wasted.  Ah but wasted isn't the right word...I have him to thank for the introduction of Nina to my music repertoire and while I don't always think of that grassy knoll or that red headed boy when I hear her voice, I feel like music is better because she existed.  I don't believe it's possible to drive around in an old Cadillac convertible without Nina on the radio ---- it should be illegal.

There You Go - P!nk, 2000 - On the way to some gay dance club in Dallas with a girlfriend (not THAT kind of girlfriend).  Feeling empowered and strong and like I could very possibly stop driveling over this stupid guy I was in love with.  Turned out it was a momentary lapse of sanity -- I stayed with said stupid boy for 5 loooong years.  Still....at least P!nk made me think about dropping him like a bad habit.

26 Cents - The Wilkinsons, released in 1998 but true impact felt in January 2004: A penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the call, and all of your momma's love.  What more do you need in a song to help keep you wrapped in love when you've just set out across the country to start your life....away from all of your family (especially momma)?  There's a lot to this story but, my fair blogstalkers, I'm keeping this one locked up a bit....it's that special.

Broken Road - Rascal Flatts, 2005: Yeah, I know it's overrated as a love song and certainly as a wedding song but guess what?  My way WAS narrow and the road?  Broke as all get out.  But everything, and I mean everything, I endured led me straight to this man that I love and while fate can be a hard thing to believe in, if you knew our story, you'd be hard pressed not to believe in true love.  He's it for me and dammit...I earned it. 

The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert, 2010: I miss you Granny.

Man...I could go on forever. 

But I want to hear YOUR playlist.  C'mon...gimme somethin....


Sherry DeBorde said...

Thanks for sharing these melody memories! And you are so right about the tears...kinda especially the House that Built me...Granny would be so proud of what she's built (in you!) and how much she's still loved. And the 26cents has always been so special between you and me. I remember a certain quarter and penny given to a little girl many years ago and that sentiment will never change. No matter how far away you choose to wander, you will always be close in my heart. I'll think whether I have anything to add to this list, but I expect not! Hugs and love you Lindsey Leigh. Oh yeah, I do remember that back porch and dancing to the Randy Travis tunes!

Mandy Chapmon said...

Same story in 1995... Except my poor teenage broken bi-polar heart alternated between being pissed off with Alanis to super sad with Jewel's "you were meant for me".

Lindsey said...

OOOOOH - me too on the Jewel front. Teenage girls are multifaceted aren't they?? ;-)

Mom - love you back! Thanks for being my go-to blog comment-er :)