Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gaga for our Gaggia

Shall I start with a quick hello?  I feel that's fair after OVER A YEAR LONG absence.  So, Hi Howdy Hola but most importantly, MABUHAY!  Why Mabuhay?  Because my friends, "Mabuhay" is the tagalog greeting and in case you're wondering what tagalog is (as I was), it's one of the (many) languages spoken in the Philippines, primarily Manila and surrounding areas.  But still, why should you care?  Well, in truth, maybe you shouldn't.  YOU aren't the one moving to the Philippines in less than a week ..... but WE are! :) 


A new member of our family will be moving with us.  You heard that right, we have a new child.  She is shiny and grand and requires constant attention.  She is still a newborn but seems to be learning the ropes quickly.  Sorry Mom, she does not have a heartbeat, curly hair, or my eyes.  "She" is our Gaggia Academia Espresso Machine and probably the most important thing that's happened in our lives since we adopted Cassie.  Here she is - feel free to gasp, exhale, ooh-ah...whatever you need to do....

Ok Ok - that's not really our girl.  But this is...

And boy does she turn some heads when she does her little coffee dances.  I mean, look at this purty concoction she put together when my sister came to visit:

Really - she is the most thoughtful "child" we have....sorry Cassie.

If you're in the market for an espresso machine, you can't go wrong with this baby.   She'll make espressos, coffees (long or short), caps, lattes, and the list goes on.  You can get all hands on with her or simply set her up to be responsive at the touch of a button.  Easy breezy.    She ain't cheap but she's worth it AND it's true what they say, she does get better with age.  Seriously, the thing gets smarter then more coffee you make.

Sadly, Lady Gaggia is on her merry way to Manila and we probably won't see her...or her wonderful caffeinated brews .... for several months.  We will try to endure but no doubt will suffer some pangs along the way.....and headaches. 

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