Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cassie does Dallas...and Vegas

After three long months in Iraq, hubs and I decided to spend our first R&R visiting family with a sprinkle of Vegas for good measure.  Though I initially planned to lug Cassie along throughout, I decided she would probably be better off not stuffed under the seat in front of me for 5 flights.  If the logistics had just been a little better (read: had Vegas not been the stopover in the middle), it would have been great to have her along but it just didn't seem like the right thing to do.  Sadly, that meant a teary goodbye in Richmond before we headed off to Vegas.  Thankfully, my mother in law had given us some great pics of Cassie and one, in particular, that was just perfect for travel.  It's an embarrassing little photo of Cassie looking completely humiliated in some kind of bow contraption.  In an effort to make myself feel better, I "pretended" Cassie traveled with us to Vegas with onward travel to Texas.  What follows is a brief catalog of her adventures:
Cassie renting a car

Cassie checking into the hotel

Cassie cat-napping before a night on the town


Cassie ain't scared of no big cats!

Cassie admiring art by her ancestors

Cassie kicking it old school on Fremont street

Cassie killing a hangover with a bloody mary

Cassie likes the oldies but goodies

Cassie and her mom at the Peppermill

Cassie supports the performing arts.....

Cassie getting wined and dined at SW Steakhouse

Cassie at the best Mexican restaurant in Denton

What? Didn't you know wiener dogs like tea???

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Anonymous said...

She look like she is having the most fun on freemont street!