Saturday, October 8, 2011

Simple places

My new coaster :)
 Just a few little things that have made me smile lately....

Goodies from Mom!  FUN!  She knows me too well - Halloween decorations, colorful bathroom stuff, and games!!!!!

I actually bought this at our version of "walgreens" - wahoo!  XBOX in the desert!

Now this was truly like Christmas!!!  My jeans were inside wootwoot!! 

Including a bunch of other clothes and goodies.  Even in the desert, a girl has got to kick it with some degree of style.

Lots of goodies and lots of hidden pictures of Cassie hidden throughout. :)

tee hee - she looks deep in thought in this one.


Tricia said...

What a FAB Mommy you have!!! Glad you got you jeans and other stuff!!

drollgirl said...

that coaster made me LOL! i love it!