Friday, June 7, 2013


No, seriously, I LOVE ITALY!  After a week of questionable food experiences and a variety of illnesses, we were able to drag ourselves away from our dank hotel room and attend the Festa della Repubblica (Italy's Festival of the Republic) at a very swank hotel within walking distance of our not so swank hotel.  Though husbear was still on the road to recovery from whatever funk laid him out, we both managed to don some semi fancy duds and head over to our first Embassy function since arriving in Manila. 

I can not tell you what a relief it was to be surrounded by pretty people and even prettier food.  The wine was not too shabby either.   And even though most of our worldly possessions to include fancy dresses, shoes, and suits, are still in storage, we were able to gussy up pretty well I think.

This is the only photo we took but there was a photographer lurking about so I will see if I can't hunt down some of those.....because, honestly, you should have SEEN the cheeeeeeeese :)  Who cares about all those Ambassadors when there are layers and layers of lovely cheese?!?!  Fontina, brie, Gruyere, oh my....

In all seriousness, it was a very nice introduction to the "circuit" here in Manila and I am quite happy to say that I acquired what I consider the MOST important business card in the room.  It belonged to the Makati Chief of Police, Manuel Lukban Jr.  A very nice man who, after hearing that I'd taken my first turn at driving earlier that day, swiftly retrieved a card out of his jacket pocket and told me to call him if I ever got in a jam.  Not sure if that's a comment on my driving abilities or the fact that it's so easy to get lost in Manila.  At any rate, I'm happy to have that safety net in my purse.  

I hear that it's the season for similar parties (many countries, including the US obviously, celebrate a version of "National Day" in the early/mid summer months).  Unfortunately, I also hear that we just attended the creme de la creme of National Day celebrations and that it's likely the rest will pale in comparison.  I admit I will be stalking the Italian Embassy for future functions we can  Amo L'Italia!!  :) 

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