Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 Reasons Why my Husbear is the Best

10. He lets me call him Husbear

9. He calls a sandwich a "sandwy"...with a straight face but he could still kick anyone's ass who doesn't fight for UFC.

8. I'm pretty sure he thinks our dog is a more than adequate substitute for a child but he still treats her like his "little girl".  melt melt melt melt

7. He knows how to spell and pronounce Louboutin and Hermes and has bought me one of each.  Yes, I know that would be number one on the list for many. 

6. I challenge you to find a man who can rock a ripped up pair of jeans and cowboy hat any better but easily make your knees as weak in a suit and tie.  drool drooooooooooool
It's a picture of a picture but trust me, I wanted to be the burger he was man handling on that tiny grill....

5. When we were forced to spend some time apart many years ago, he made sure I never felt alone.  For the first day of each week, he wrote me a letter and in the letter was a clue that helped me unearth 6 months worth of scavenger hunt goodies.  The letters were taped around the ceiling of my living room and he made me swear not to peak into the next week's letter.  All this, and he hadn't even proposed yet.  By far, the most romantic gesture I have ever encountered. 

4. I have more than once heard a friend or colleague of his say that they've been dying to meet the wife that he never shuts up about. 

3.  He values womens' rights almost more than I do and understands why I may occasionally vote based on a candidate's stance on one issue alone. 

2.  He says things like this, "Nobody puts baby in economy."  Right before he lets me take HIS first class sit while he sits in coach er...economy plus (but really, what the eff is the difference).  

1. He loves me more than I deserve.

We are still a couple of weeks out from our 6th anniversary but I guess I'm feeling a little sweet on my significant other at the moment.  There's nothing terribly special about 6 years.  No silver or gold or paper to be had.  I take that back.  Traditionally candy or iron is given as a 6th anniversary gift.  WTF?!  Who gives iron as a gift?  I guess it could be a sculpture or something...but I (seriously) digress.  Point is, in 6 years, we've done A LOT.  Marriage is no joke.  I guess it's like having a kid.  People tell you how hard it will be but you never really KNOW.  Is it a pain sharing your space with someone all of the time and GASP, working with them too?  Yep...sho nuff is.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  Ok - maybe I'd like it if he'd stop flossing in bed or if he'd be happy watching Revenge or The Walking Dead with me but I wouldn't trade his loyalty or love for anything on the planet. 

When he was working for companies that had him traveling all of the time without me, he always complained about being in all these foreign countries without me.  He said it was cool to see the sites but he always just felt kinda hollow, especially if he had to dine alone.  I heard but never really understood.  Now that we're here in Manila together, I totally get it.  Even if it's just a trip down the street to the grocery store, it's so much better when he's walking with me and we're exploring this new world together.  I can't imagine going through life without him.  As much as I complain about the little things, they really don't matter.  What matters is that I'd rather be with him, flossing his teeth in bed in a crappy hotel, than by myself at the Ritz in Paris. 

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